7art Anime Clock © 2009 by 7art-screensavers.com

7art Anime Clock © 2009 by 7art-screensavers.com

7art Anime Clock brings your favorite anime characters to your screen

If you are an anime fan, you will really enjoy this clock. And even if you are not, you will probably start finding out what anime is all about.
7art Anime Clock brings your favorite characters to your screen. This unique clock screensaver will surely be the delight of all those anime fans that just love watching or reading about their favorite characters. Princesses, heroes, beauties and others will be displayed on your screen, in a very nice “halo” effect, and with a plain but pretty clock to give you the time.

I am not an anime fan myself, so I didn’t really recognize the characters that were displayed. However, I enjoyed the images: there were, for instance, very beautiful women who looked innocent (like princesses) or courageous (like warrior queens of some sort).

The screensaver has no settings for you to configure. Which is only good if you don't like messing with "some techie stuff"; in fact, it is a pity that one cannot control any of the features. What I also didn’t like was the fact that the picture didn’t change at all when the screensaver was running. At least, it didn’t for more than two minutes that I watched it. It only changes every time the screensaver starts, but once it is running, the picture stays as it is.

I also missed some music. Maybe some themes from corresponding anime series would be nice. Anyway, Anime Clock is worth getting, especially that it is free!

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice images
  • Attractive clock


  • No sound
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